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Corre Caminos Passenger Conduct Rules

Our transit agency is committed to provide safe, accessible, timely and professional services for our customers.  We can provide such a service only when our passengers respect and follow certain safety and courtesy rules.  Therefore, we thank you, the passengers boarding our vehicles, for adhering the rules listed below:

Any Refusal to comply with these rules may result in the driver instructing the passenger to exit the bus.  Corre Caminos reserves the right to suspend or terminate riding privileges of clients who violate these rules.

Thank you for riding your Corre Caminos– have a safe and enjoyable trip!


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  • Holidays

    No bus service on the following holidays:

    New Year's Day

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

    Spring Holiday

    Memorial Day

    Independence Day

    Veterans Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Day After Thanksgiving

    Christmas Eve

    Christmas Day

    New Years Day

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