Corre Caminos provides public transportation service in and between Grant, Luna and Hidalgo Counties.

We gave our first ride in January of 2001, in Silver City.  We began our service by offering rides in between Grant and Hidalgo Counties, and county wide in Grant County.  In our first year of service, Corre Caminos averaged 300 riders per month.  In early 2008, Deming and Luna County were added to our service plan.  In addition to our fixed, demand and modified fixed routes, Corre Caminos partnered with Grant County DWI in 2006, to provide the Corre Cantinas route that provides service Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00pm to 2:30am.  This service allows people to visit liquor establishments, restaurants and private parties with comfort in knowing that a designated driver is available.  It also allows for citizens to attend nightly functions on the weekends.  In a study provided several years ago DWI rates had dropped thirty-seven percent since the implementation of this program.  In September of 2009 this program was expanded into Luna County and a partnership has been formed with Luna County DWI.

Today, we are averaging 8,300 rides per month and 32,000 miles per month!

We operate on grant funding, awarded by NMDOT and matched by the communities we serve.  We work with many partners, from city, county, and state agencies, schools, Medical care providers, chambers of commerce, and area employers to provide transportation services that improve the quality of life in our community.

Corre Caminos is governed by the County of Grant and is advised by the Area Transportation Authority Board, who meets on a quarterly basis in Grant County.

We are honored to serve our diverse communities of commuters, students, seniors and families on our buses everyday.

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